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The Chronicles of a Saiyan Princess

baciarmi veloce ma farlo dura

Bradleigh Pe7ter Leighanne Booth
29 December
To get things started, my name is Bradleigh.
I’m a girl, I should hope that'd be obvious.
Moving along, I age naturally.
I'm a super indecisive person.
I have EXTREMELY eclectic tastes.
I'm up for anything...usually
If you have a hobby, I'd love to give it a try and maybe I'll like it.
I rarely have favourites (just can’t choose...and usually get annoyed at those questions...if you want to get to know me, try harder)
Back to the more “important” crap...
Like I said, the only way to put it is "I like lots of stuff".
I like taking pictures although I never look good in any of them.
I talk. A lot. And fast.
I believe that women are inferior, always have been, and should definitely stay that way. A woman’s place is in the kitchen and the bedroom.
Serve your husband...or man, ladies!!!! He deserves it, for all he does for you.
I highly idealize the 50's, minus the racism.
I really like the styles and music of the 80's too.
But when it comes to life styles/society, the 50's are definitely where it is at.
I can connect with almost anyone, so I never have problems making friends.
I'm also highly sarcastic.
Any other form of communication is just unacceptable.
I think it's really attractive when guys spit or when they eat like they are never going to eat again.
(Like taking huge bites or testing how much they can fit in their mouth)
Basically, when they eat like a pig.
But not when they get stuff all over their face...well maybe ;).
I don't believe in dating, love, marriage, having crushes, hook ups...
any attraction of any kind.
I'm also confident this will disappoint no one,
but felt the need to lay it all on the table anyway.
If I'm singing a song, and you ask me a question or say something,
don't expect a response until the song is over, or there is a break in the lyrics.
I hate when people interrupt music.
If you need to interrupt for anything important, PAUSE it(and start it over preferably,)but do NOT just turn it down. Nothing will put me in a bad mood faster.
Anything else you want to know, just ask.